Toner ; Extract It: 120 ml
Oil ; Light and More: 30 ml
Cream ; More than Moist: 50 ml


Intensive moisture care for nourished, youthful looking skin against age related concerns.

The Huxley Hydration Trio gift set includes three superstar products that your skin wants. One, the Extract It Toner: A pH balancing toner formulated with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients including certified-organic Sahara cactus seed oil. Two, the Grab Water Essence: A deeply hydrating essence that glides over thirsty and tired skin delivering protection against various environmental stressors; free radicals, pollutants and moisture loss. Three, the Fresh and More CreamA hypoallergenic, refreshing gel-type cream that smoothes over rough and tired skin. Set ideal for normal, oily or combination skin types. See individual product pages for more information.

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