AHC Brilliant Gold Skin Care Set


- AHC Brilliant Gold Toner: This toner is designed to achieve higher elasticity, lifting, and maximum moisture to leave skin feeling moisturized, soft and shiny. The ingredients contain gold and gold extract. A mild formula, it is highly moisturizing because of the hyaluronic acid. The texture is rich, smooth, refreshing and non greasy. Improves rough, aging, dry and dull skin problems.

- AHC Brilliant Gold Essence: The main components are 24K water-soluble nano-gold, and hyaluronic acid. Gold has the effect of absorbing free radicals and anti-oxidation. Hyaluronic acid gives the effects of moisturizing, repairing, fading acne and blemishes. As well as, scars and fine lines to help prevent skin aging issues. Over time the pores will become smaller and skin becomes more shiny for a dewy look without highlighter.

- AHC Brilliant Gold Cream: Brilliant gold refines skin and boosts skin's luster. It is the Hyaluronic acid that gives this cream a powerful moisture-lock function. Skin can stay moist and shiny all day.

- AHC Brilliant Gold Eye Cream: It does well in refining fine lines and removing wrinkles. Smooths dark eye circles and restores youthfulness.

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