AROMATICA Reviving Rose Infusion Treatment Toner


A highly concentrated organic toner & essence

The ultimate moisturizing formula is enriched in Rose Water and Rose Essential Oil. Duo functional toner of organic rose water and rose essential oil has emollient and hydrating properties in a two-layer form, ideal for mature, dry, or sensitive skin. Rose sophisticated scent and elegance is excellent for nourishing the mind and body. According to SCI, Rose Essential Oil demonstrates antioxidant properties at the same levels of Tocopherol, a representative antioxidant. Trusted Concentration Hydration for Sensitive and Irritated Skin. The first layer after cleansing should be safe and non-irritant to your skin, just as this multi-layer treatment toner. The botanical remedy from organic Damask Rose Extract and Rose Essential Oil intensifies hydration and directly purifies your skin.

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