Baron Moringa Repairing Shampoo is a natural ingredient that cleanses excess sebum and waste from your scalp. It also supplies the scalp with insufficient nutrients to keep your scalp healthy

- 13 Ingredients Free : sulphates, CMIT, MIT, mineral oil, synthetic pigment, ethanol, 6 kinds of parabens, silicon

- Nourishing Shampoo : Gently cleanse and supply nutrients and moisture.

- Damage Therapy : Make hair smooth and prevent further damage.

- Protect the end of hair by Moringa oleifera leaf extract.

- Baron Moringa Repairing Shampoo is made of keratin and Moringa oleifera leaf extract.

- These main ingredients help to repair your dry or damaged hair and you'd have silky and shining hair.

- Especially the minerals and pure keratin keep the strength of hair against breakage by providing moisture and nutrients.

- Makes hair healthier by removing dead skin cells and impurities.

- Provides moisture to hair and scalp with Coconut oil ingredients..

- Voluminous hair with Betaine ingredients.

- Soothing scalp with 6 kinds of Herb extracts.

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