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Enuf Proj Essential Skin Toner

  • \LONG LASTING SKIN HYDRATION: We have blended the best ingredients to refresh and moisturize your skin. Beta-Hyaluronic acid added to panthenol is approximately 1.5 times more effective than common hyaluronic acid in promoting skin regeneration within 24 hours! Your skin’s barrier will be protected and deeply moisturized.
  • YOUR COMPLETE SKIN TEXTURE CARE: do you have a rough skin texture? Our face toner for women and men leaves the skin with a luxuriously smooth surface. Your skin will reap the benefits of the PH balancing formula after every use.
  • FOR BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH SKIN: Apply the toner and watch how it glides over your skin for a supple and smooth finish. The quick absorption of our light formula makes it the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Use on dull, oily, sensitive, dry, or a combination of these skin types.
  • 5-FREE FORMULA: Our colorless clear toner for face is free from animal ingredients, mineral oil, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, and synthetic colorant. You can also use the face toner as part of a vegan lifestyle; our product undergoes no animal ingredients and unnecessary animal testing.
  • A FACIAL TONER FOR ALL: Our Korean facial toner works great for all genders - even the fragrance is gender-neutral! The clean and fresh fragrance starts with a refreshing green note, an elegant scent of lily of the valley and jasmine, and a woody finish.

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