Goodal Calendula pH Balancing Deep Cleansing Oil in Water


Dual deep cleansing water made more intense with refreshing Calendula water and oil

  • Dual deep cleansing fully removes heavy makeup
  • Sub-acidic pH level and Calendula cleanly refresh the skin without tightening the skin
  • The micellar structure leaves the skin moisturized while removing only the skin impurities
  • Natural oil is added to the refreshing Calendula water to fully cleanse heavy makeup without a lip and eye remover necessary.


  • Shake well so that the water and oil layers mix, moisten the cotton pad with a fair amount of contents and gently wipe on face.
  • To remove heavier makeup, leave cotton pad on area for 10 seconds and wipe.


  • Those looking for a non-irritating, gentle cleanser
  • Those experiencing a heaviness in the oil and insufficient cleansing power of the water
  • Those wishing to remove makeup in a single step

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