Goodal Calendula pH Balancing Deep Cleansing Tissue (80 Sheets)

A deep cleansing tissue containing a sub-acidic pH and Calendula provides comfortable yet enhanced cleansing of the skin
  • Moisturizes skin after cleansing with sub-acidic pH level 5 (±1)
  • A thin, soft sheet for comfortable daily cleansing with a non-irritative cleanser
  • The micellar structure replenishes moisture while cleanly removing trapped impurities
  • A sub-acidic mild cleansing tissue that moisturizes without leaving any taut sensations even after wiping
  • Remove a tissue and gently wipe off makeup and impurities, and finish with a light cleansing if necessary.
  • After use, close the cover and store so that the contents do not dry up.
  • Those suffering from irritated skin following cleansing tissue use
  • Those unsatisfied with the cleansing power of cleansing tissue 
  • Those wanting one-time cleansing of makeup without rinsing with water

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