Innisfree Aloe Revital Sleeping Pack


This leave-on mask is formulated with Jeju aloe extract to hydrate skin overnight for a revitalised look.

1. Contains Jeju organic aloe flesh extract

Aloe flesh inside the leaves contains amino acid and moisture which helps soothe skin damaged from UV rays and heat while delivering hydration.

2. Soothes skin and strengthens skin barrier for vibrant and healthy-looking skin

Aloe Vitalizing Energy unique to innisfree Aloe line soothes the skin and strengthens the skin barrier to make it vibrant and feeling fresh.

3. Wake up to skin that is moist and vibrant like it has had a good night's sleep

With a lightweight, refreshing moisture, rich nourishment and a fresh finish, the mask removes dead skin cells and hydrates the skin throughout the night for skin that looks well-rested and revitalised.

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