Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Cream Mask


A mask that can be used as a cream helps to replenish skin's moisture for a hydrated, replenished and bouncy skin.

1.Summer S.K.I.P care

In summer when it feels too much to apply multiple products, skip other skincare steps after applying skin and finish your summer skincare with just this Cream Mask.

2. Skin cooling and soothing care

It contains Jeju lava seawater salt that soothes the skin that is temporarily flushed due to external irritation, and when frozen in the freezer, in turns into a cool sherbet texture with an instant skin cooling effect.

3. Moisturizing and firming care with lava seawater

It contains 56.6% lava seawater rich in minerals, instantly moisturizing the skin by facilitating skin circulation and sufficiently hydrating it.

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