Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Micellar Cleansing Foam 2X


Micellar foam that is formulated with Jeju Volcanic Sphere with twice the sebum cleaning effect delivers a hydrated finish after cleaning fine dust in pores.

This cleansing foam is infused with Jeju Volcanic Cluster Sphere to remove impurities in the pores to even fine dust.

Micelle particles pull impurities like a magnet to remove them and leave skin supple and hydrated.

Jeju Volcanic Cluster Sphere

This is innisfree’s own ingredient from Jeju Volcanic Cluster, with an upgraded sebum absorbing power of 2 times

This upgraded ingredient is innisfree’s own ingredient, born out of long research on excellent properties of Jeju Volcanic Cluster, with 2 times more powerful sebum absorbing power.

compared with as-is Jeju Volcanic Cluster

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