It'S SKIN Power 10 Formula Powerful Genius Cream

  • RESOLVES 10 SKIN CONCERNS IN 10 DAYS : While clinical tests prove the skin improvement effects in 2-4 weeks on average, Genius Serum proved the effects in just 10 days! Quickly resolves complex skin concerns by improving fundamental skin health (Glow, radiance, texture, barrier, moisturizing, firming, clarity, density, exfoliating, soothing)
  • GENIUS INGREDIENTS : Contains genius ingredients that simply resolve various skin concerns with ‘BIOMEGENIUS 5’ containing patented lactobacillus. Powerful Barrier Complex to form a healthy skin microbiome balance and barrier, while also adding another moisture layer for the active ingredients to be absorbed more deeply and thus make the skin moist and fir.
  • 10 FREE : Excluded 10 harmful ingredients for safe and mild use on sensitive skin, skin irritation tested
  • TEXTURE : Thoroughly fills the skin texture, leaving a moist, voluminous finish. The rich pink formula gently veils the skin and thoroughly fills the skin texture, making the skin smooth and firm
  • DOUBLE SYNERGY WITH GENIUS SERUM : Using only serum provides rich moisture, but when used with cream, the two products more effectively balance the oil and moisture levels on the skin, maximizing the moisturizing & hydrating synergy

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