JHP 139 Ultra Oil Moisture Mask 30 Sheets


One sheet a day, Comfortable like a tissue!

*The promises of the 139 Mask Pack Reliable ingredients and strict production management. It is a that is being sold at a reasonable price.

1. Complete skincare with just one sheet One 139 Mask Pack provides the entire basic skincare of toner, lotion, cream and oil! (Mask pack care of 5-15 min provides up to 9-hour lasting makeup.

2. Fresh packs all the way to the last sheet Fresh use from the first sheet all the way until the last sheet.

3. Collagen Essence Hydrolyzed collagen creates vitality-packed skin and forms a moisturizing essence film on weakened skin. *The secret to the quick effects is the high concentration of core ingredients. Ceramide NP / Adenosine / Squalene / Olive oil / Phyto protein

4. Bamboo-derived natural sheet Bamboo-derived pt cell fabric with an excellent-storage capability.

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