Kerasys Damage Clinic Rinse Conditioner (For Damaged Hair)


Suitable for damaged hair from frequent chemical treatment (rebonding, coloring).

Kerasys’s unique damage clinic technology restores damaged hair
Kerasys Triple Nutrition System deeply nourishes hair while gloss liposome and Swiss Alpine Herb extracts protect hair from environmental contaminants. Color protection.

Triple Nutrition System
A blend of organic argan oil, avocado oil, and shea butter nourishes hair and helps repair damage.

Gloss Liposome
Gloss Liposome and UV protection ingredient are added to lipid-based liposome capsules to effectively coat hair and add gloss

Edelweiss and Swiss Alpine Herb Extracts
Contaminant-free herbs from the Swiss highlands keep your hair healthy with amino acids and vitamins.

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