LANEIGE Phyto-Alexin Ampoule & Cream DUO Skin Care Set


LANEIGE Phyto-Alexin Hydrating & Calming Ampoule 30ml+10ml

LANEIGE Phyto-Alexin Calming & Moisturizing Cream 40ml+15ml


Patented Phyto-Alexin helps visibly strengthen the skin barrier and provides instant soothing effect

Contains 5-different Calming Hylauronic Acids to replenish moisture for reducing dryness and wrinkles, and help reduce redness

Helps improve skin texture, strengthen the skin's moisture barrier and repair damaged skin caused by external aggressors

10-FREE hypoallergenic formula & Non-comedogenic


Phytoalexin for sensitive skin that has been acquired and sensitive!

Phytoalexin is a substance that plants secrete to defend themselves when they are under stress.

Skin barrier strengthening effect is faster and more powerful than Cica.

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