mise en scene

Mise En Scene Curling Hair Essence

- Customers who are looking for a serum that can nourish hair while styling it at the same time
- A solution for limp, droopy, and flat hair
- Customers who are looking for a post-perm hair-care serum  
- Customers who are hesitant using hairspray or hair gel, thinking that they may make hair look crunchy
- Contains argan, cedarwood, and other botanical oils that help precise styling without hair damage
- Contains essence and gives two times more curling effect compared to the old version (for thick wave)
- Pleasant sweet peach fragrance


1. After towel-dry, pour an appropriate amount and distribute well across the palms of your hands.
2. Gently take it through your curls and form the waves. It is also good to use for hair restyling.

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