peripera Ink Black Cara

Sold over 540K units!! Super strong lifting cara verified by numerous reviews !
Ink Black Cara’s strong fixing power keeps lashes smudge-free.

Long-lasting curling effect as if having just used an eyelash curler.
Eyelashes curl lightly upon application and last all day.
The dense, evenly curled brush optimized for the curve of the eye applies product on each lash while also lengthening each lash.
The thick brush provides lashes that appear fuller and more 3-dimensional from any angle with a neat volume effect.

With the wide surface of the brush, apply mascara on each upper lash.
By holding the brush upright, evenly apply on the lower lashes vertically.

#01 Long Lash Curling : Evenly curved brush optimized for the curves of the eyes creates long lashes by coating each lash
#02 Volume Curling : Richly volumizing plump curved brush provides stronger volume!
#03 Clean Curling : Lifting hook brush customized for the curves of the eyes provides a cleaner fit, even the short lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eyes

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