Peripera Ink Tattoo Stick


Don's worry about fixing your makeup, its long-lasting ability is guaranteed.

The color tension goes mad with just one touch! I used MLBV (My Lips But Vivid) and thought someone threw fluorescent light on my face!

It glides smoothly and softly on my lips. Comfortable adhesion smooth on the outside and moist on the inside if guaranteed.


#01 HUSH PINK : Imagine becoming legit queen of pink with this color! A pink with a coral shade

#02 LIVELY RED : Are you confused by red colors? Then go for the red that you know the best, the intensely bright red

#03 FLEX PINK : This is cool pink! My eyes were opened just by looking at it! A cool red pink

#04 THRILLING RED : OMG,,,,, Look at this piece of art,, A grapefruit red color that you can’t help fall for

#05 CORAL TEASER : Just by the teaser, you can expect how big this will become A whole new kind of coral shade

#06 Cherry Hero

#07 Clear Red

#08 Blushing Red

#09 Famous Red

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