The History of Whoo

The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Contouring Massage Mask


This nourishing overnight mask treatment is enriched with highly concentrated Guarani, Zerumbet Ginger and Kaki extracts which penetrate deep into the skin for improved elasticity and healthy complexion.

Traditional Korean herbal mask that perfectly contours aging skin with 5,000 year old secret the formula of the royal court

  • Oil-free moisturizing, nourishing gel massage
  • Absorbs traditional herbal jinaek ingredients through massage
  • Tissue-off can be used as a sleeping mask
  • Effects: Supplies nourishment and improves the flow of skin, relieves tense muscles, discharges toxins, remodels the facial contour
  • Reshaping effects (stimulates meridian pathways and meridian muscles)
  • Comes with a massage tool

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